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Beamform Groundbeam Method
Method statements are available on request for all applications of this easy to use, versatile formwork system, but general use in a groundbeam situation would incorporate the following steps.

Blind bottom of trench.
2. Place spacer bars onto cured blinding. Lift prefab cages into place and connect cage ends using integral loose tie bars. Clip on “Grippa Plate” spacers to ensure the correct side cover.
3. Offer Beamform units up to spacers. Units will self locate against each other with tongue/grooved ends, cutting units to suit where necessary (save off-cut for use elsewhere where possible).
4. Backfill behind units to hold in place, leaving safe unimpeded access for following trades.
5. Pour concrete.

For new users, we offer a free of charge on-site demonstration, which includes site operative training on the correct usage of the product. During many years of supplying Beamform, we have rarely been on site longer than an hour; unskilled site operatives quickly grasping the simplicity of its concept and applications.


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